Attar (12th century), the Persian poet, in his book Mantiqu 't-Tayr (Arabic for ‘The Conference of the Birds’) tells a story about Simurg, the benevolent, wise mythical flying creature. The Story starts when thousands of birds, from all around the world, gather to decide who is to be their king. Hoopoe, the wisest of all, suggests that they should look for the legendary Simurg. Going through a long onerous journey, crossing seven valleys: Yearning, Love, Gnosis, Detachment, Unity, Bewilderment, and finally, Selflessness and Oblivion in God, a group of thirty birds survive and finally reach the promised place. All they find is a mirror lake in which they see their own reflection: si murg (in Farsi ‘si murg’ means ‘thirty birds’).


Simurg is a journey from ego to self.

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