Synchronicity Studio of Music


Electroacoustic and Interactive

Ringing Elbows, Roaring Knees, for dance & live electronics, current composition project

Haft-sīn, for violin, cello, piano & live electronics, current composition project

Unremembered Soundscapes, for violin, bass clarinet, piano & electronics, 2013-2014

Sonances of the Bizarre, electroacoustic, 2014

 Three White Miniatures, electroacoustic, 2012

Butterfly, for flute, clarinet, bassoon & electronics, 2012

Trees of Enchantment, electroacoustic, 2012

Sunstone, for voice & electronics, 2011

If you are, I am he, for interactive electronics, 2011

Sorcerer’s Kitchen, electroacoustic, 2010


Chamber and Solo

The Life of a Star, for flute, horn, double bass, percussion & piano, 2018-2019

Sunflower, for saxophone & percussion, 2012

Simurg, for string quartet, 2011

The Peep-Show, for accordion, 2010

Circumpolaris Suite, for piano, 2010

Tenderly, for soprano & piano, 2007

Cinnamon Tango, for piano trio, 2007

Rêves Magnétiques, for piano, 2006

Danse Sentimental, for piano, 2006

Your Eyes, for baritone & Piano, 2005



One mirror cancels me; I rise from another, for orchestra, 2009

The grain, for orchestra, 2007-2008

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