Composer, sonic artist, and music teacher, Ali Nader Esfahani is a music researcher and educator who explores musical expressivity through developing advanced techniques in composition and sound design.


The nature of his compositions varies from acoustic to acousmatic and interactive electronics pieces. Within these works, he proposes original approaches to post-tonal harmony using computer-assisted analysis, and investigates the harmonic and textural implications of his soundscape recordings. In his compositions for acoustic instruments and live electronics, he searches for new modes of expression in physical motions and gestures through innovative performance practices of electroacoustic music using motion capture devices and motion sensors.


He has taught a range of courses including composition, theory, aural skills, and music technology to students from music studios, arts-based secondary schools, and universities.


Ali Nader Esfahani is a recipient of Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship and holds a PhD in composition from the University of Calgary.



علی نادر اصفهانی

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